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Fertilization & Weed Control

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Seven times a year, our lawn care experts will apply the proper blend of fertilizer, and, when needed, broadleaf weed control and Pre-emergent Treatments. Keep your lawn in pristine condition with our lawn restoration solutions.

Power Seeding

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A surefire way to keep your lawn full and green is with a process called power seeding. Environmental factors make lawn repair an inevitable event. When it comes to reseeding your lawn, power seeding is the most economical choice.

All Services

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We offer a variety of other lawn renovation services to keep your entire lawn in tip-top shape. Treat your yard to the best in lawn aeration, tree and shrub care, grub control and more.

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Longevity & Loyalty

For over 30 years, Kentucky Professional Turf has built up an extensive and loyal customer list that includes large properties like horse farms, residential lots, and more. No matter how big your yard is, we’ll handle the care of your lawn with the utmost professionalism.

Lawn Care Kentucky

No Hard Sell

Unlike some other companies, once you sign on with Kentucky Professional Turf, we leave you alone unless you have a problem with your lawn or our service. We don’t pester you or try and sell you additional lawn care services you don’t need or want. We’re always courteous and respectful of your time. When you are looking for the best lawn care in Lexington and surrounding areas, look no further.

That’s the Kentucky Professional Turf, difference. We won’t sell you something you don’t want; we just take care of what you need.

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